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Rubber cable rope

  • reliable
  • durable
  • nonflammable
Why is it profitable?
  • The time of
    using 10-15 years
    It depends on type of rubber cable rope, it can be used guarenteed from 10 to 15 years
  • Stable to
    dangerous conditions
    Non - combustible, stable to corrosion, can be used at -25 degrees up to 60 degrees
  • Economical
    in using
    No additional equipment for installation and operation. Daily ropes inspection
  • Loading capacity
    to 30 kg\rm
    Has a wide range of loading capacity, individual produce
  • Individual produce
    Has more than 20 versions of production, can be chosen by customer`s desire
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Our permanent customers
Promkanat company
  • More than 15 years work experience
  • Unique manufacturing
  • Certified production
  • Qualified staff
  • Wide spheres of practice

Promkanat releases the ropes, which consist of rubber metallic core. It`s a parallel located in horizontal plane with certain step, line of steal galvanized ropes, which cured in rubber and external fire-resistant rubber lining.The design of ropes is simple and technological in production. Rubber cable ropes are produced, according to order with requied weight of running meter and length of hinge plates.

The most progressive balancing desigh of ropes is rubber cable rope, that confirmed with long-term experience of operation and customer`s positive reviews such "Karacharovskyi mechanical factory", "Kaztsink", TNK "Kazhrom", "Sokolovo- Sarbaiskoe GPO", "Kazahmis Korporation", "Norilskyi nikel", "Kol`skaya GMK", RUP Factory "Mogilevliftmash", RUP "PO Belarusskyi", "Evrazruda", "Arcellor Mittal Krivoi Rog", "UGMK Holding", and many other factories in the CIS.

The production strengh "Promkanat" is capable to provide rubber cable ropes not only in Ukraine, but especially in countries all over the world. The enterprise saved up a great experiance of operation rubber cable ropes on the various mining lifting installations in Ukraine and CIS countries. This experience confirm about high reliability and efficiency using rubber cable rope in the mining lifting systems.

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